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As a published writer for dozens of national and international print publications, Steven Kittrell has documented classic & sports cars, collections, concours, rallies, events, auctions, automobilia and noted collectors.

From classic car dealerships, independent parts houses, personal collections, and individual cars, we can orchestrate a targeted public relations campaign to show just why your story should be heard by the masses.

Media A Day in our Monterey Bay - Locals Only
AS MOST OF US CAN ATTEST, the first real drive in your foremost Ferrari is a special one – to say the least. A poster car materialized onto the road is almost a sight you never thought you’d see. This
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Media Good Stuff Down the Road-Via Corsa
It was a typical day in California – one you would expect to have on a Sat-urday morning in May. I was with my MotorCar Studios and Luxury Bro-kers International crew, in from Philadelphia for the Greystone Concours d’Elegance in
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Media Passion in Motion-Via Corsa
Motion is a very common action in all of our lives, and we all tend to move in different ways throughout the years. A proposition of change usually leads to that action. Gordon McCall, Monterey’s hometown car hero, has made
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Media Dream Drive-Via Corsa
I’ve heard Big Sur, California described many times as ‘the greatest meeting of land and sea in the world.’ Obviously, that’s a very bold statement, but if you’ve ever taken that majestic drive along the coastline, stopped and stared out
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Media Modern Instruments-Via Corsa
It’s easy to see why heroes are never forgotten, and how legends never die when it comes to the motorsports passion. Stories of grandiose cities, perilous roads and complex machinery are reasons why we hold onto the past with such
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Media The Singer Porsche Couple-Via Corsa
It was the Sunday of Rennsport VI, the day I met Mark and Rita. After four straight days of all things Rennsport Reunion, I was still in the throes of Porsche overload and smelling of exhaust fumes when I got
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Media Seeing Stars and Seeing Red- The Prancing Horse
HAS IT BEEN SEVENTY YEARS ALREADY? Yes, seven decades of the prancing horse placed proudly on the fenders of Ferrari automobiles. On Thursday, April 27th, the Petersen Automotive Museum debuted its latest and greatest exhibit, honoring the legendary automaker Enzo Ferrari.
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Media Coast to Coast & Around the World-Via Corsa
Personally, I have never been to the quaint Mediterranean Italian fishing village of Portofino, but I think it moved a little higher up on my bucket list. Ferrari paid homage to their coastal crown jewel and Metropolitan City of Genoa,
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Media The Gumball Rally-The Prancing Horse
WE’VE ALL HEARD THE FAMOUS LINE BEFORE; “THE FIRST rule of Italian driving: what’s-a behind me is not important.” Of course, this was made famous by Raul Julia as Franco Bertolli in the definitive 1976 automotive driving flick, THE GUMBALL
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Media The Strange and the True-The Prancing Horse
BY THE TIME YOU READ THIS, ALL OF THE CARS HAVE already been loaded up on their transports headed back home, or off to a new garage. Vendors have broken down, cleaned up and boxed their goods for next year.
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Media Maranello Comes to Monterey-The Prancing Horse
Ferrari North America debuted Casa Ferrari Carmel during this year’s Monterey car week as a way of connecting its clients coast to coast and around the world. Located south of Carmel- by-the-Sea, and off the world-famous Pacific Coast Highway 1,
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Media Rearview Mirror-The Prancing Horse
With anticipation for this year’s approaching Monterey car week, I reread Prancing Horse 153’s coverage of the FCA’s 2004 International Meet which was held in Monterey. My, how far we’ve come! Bearing in mind those decade-old happenings, I turned my
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Media GTO Engineering-Garage Style
A while ago, some magazine published that there were more Ferrari vehicles registered in Orange County, California than in all of Italy. It furthered the topic with the information that Los Angeles, California was home to more Ferraris than all
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Media Gold Standard-Forza
IT WAS BARELY DAYLIGHT the first time I saw it, yellow Marchal headlights piercing the morning Malibu mist. The distinct revving of a 3-liter Columbo V12 engine made the hair on the back of my neck stand up as the
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Media The Headliner-Forza
The 290 MM was developed to contest both the 1956 World Sports Car Championship and Italy’s prestigious Mille Miglia— hence the MM moniker. Enzo Ferrari was determined to reclaim dominance over perennial competitor Mercedes-Benz and hometown rival Maserati; it was
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Media Ticket to Ride-Carmel
Sporting a paltry 18 horsepower, a roll back convertible top and plenty of smiles per miles, his was the perfect car to take down to Carmel-by-the-Sea for brunch. This 1978 Citroen 2CV convertible from Monterey Touring Vehicles rents for $200/half day
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Media Singer Vehicle Design-Autostrada
very start of the New Year opened some doors and my eyes to just what keeps the driving force inspired, taking it to eleven and what "Everything is Important" means to him today. It was very clear early on in our
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Media James Dean’s Last Drive-Via Corsa
It’s been over 60 years since Bill Haley and his Comets topped the charts with “Rock Around the Clock” and icons like Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra were starring in Guys and Dolls on the Main street of every American
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