Veloce Valuations is a complete automotive consulting firm specializing in strategic media relations and full-service appraisals. We work with our clients to develop a tactical scope of services that best meets your unique needs and business objectives. Whether its collection management, sales, or inspections, we provide on-site support with the market knowledge you can trust.


In an ever-changing market, Veloce Valuations, LLC is diligent in identifying the latest trends, sales and collections in the industry. With staff on site for auctions in Scottsdale, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Amelia Island, Reno, and Monterey, you can trust us with the selling or acquisition of the best examples available. We offer detailed pre-purchase inspections and in-person historical research to ease your peace of mind.


As the founder of Veloce Valuations, LLC, Steven Kittrell has always had a love affair with classic cars. Now an accomplished automobile journalist, appraiser, and collection manager, Steven always has his eyes on the market.

He first started his career as the Operations Manager for T. Rutlands before broadening his expertise, knowledge and experience as an International Advertising Account Executive for Keith Martin’s Sports Car Market Magazine. Steven’s work has been featured in several publications including Forza, The Prancing Horse, and Via Corsa, to name a few.

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