Appraise Your Car

Identifying Your Property

Understanding your property is the first step in determining the purpose of the appraisal. Meeting the proper definition of an appraisal is vital, as the purpose defines the type of value required for your specific needs. We always recommend an initial consultation of your property or properties, at no cost to you.

Research & Due Diligence

Our staff takes every measure possible to not only document and research your car, but comparable properties in the market. Defining a relevant marketplace for your property is also essential when determining a value. With a no-stone-unturned philosophy, we strive to show a dedicated and knowledgeable research process, for all parties involved.

Professional Appraisals and Documentation

Trust us to provide you with everything you’ll need for your specific appraisal report. All appraisals must be documents with a valuation conclusion and should be accurate and legally reliable. An appraisal is a document with a valuation conclusion; it is not a pre-purchase inspection, a mechanical evaluation or a recommendation to buy or sell your vehicle.

Veloce Valuations, LLC can Assist You in the Following:

  • Insurance Coverage and Claims
  • Estate Valuations
  • Marriage Settlements & Dissolutions
  • Donations
  • Litigations
  • Expert Witness Services